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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

English paper

Walk into any D.C club on a Saturday night, and at least three distinct clicks will be present: The VIP’s, The Regulars, and the Once in a Whiles. Each click has a way of being notice and enjoying the D.C atmosphere. The VIP’s are easy to describe; he/she jumps out of a limo or fancy foreign car and usually walks up to the front of the line and has immediate access to the club. The VIP’s arrives precisely at the same time each Saturday night. Has a guest list with 20 or more following behind, very flashy with designer clothes, and has cell phones to their ear. If seen in the club the VIP’s never dance or sweat. The VIP’s leave the club last so everyone can watch them speed off in their foreign cars. The Regulars usually come to the club early to find parking and get in free of charge or to get on the VIP’s guest list. If access is denied, the Regulars wait in line looking for a chance to flirt with someone from the VIP click. The Regulars are usually women who dress very revealing. It’s never a dull moment watching the regulars want to be like the VIP click. The Regulars usually are loud and know every bouncer bartender, and picture man. The Regulars leave early to catch the VIP’s exit the Club, to flirt and do wild things for attention. Finally, the last distinct click is the Once in a While. This click is preserved outside while waiting patiently to enter, after paying valet parking. This click dresses pretty plain, not too much make up or designer clothing. The Once in a while click gets wild and opens up after 3 drinks and a couple of dances. This click becomes crazy and wild while others encourage them to make a fool out of themselves. They leave right after the Regulars holding on to each other, hoping to make it to work the next day. The club sense is very interesting and, after visiting the same club in D.C more than once, I’m sure you will notice each click mentioned. While most clubs offer the same attractions, each clubber defines there click by what wears, how he/she acts, who he/she knows, and how he/she looks.

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