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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If I had to describe in one word what life meant to me it would be love....with love COMES ALONG character, loyal, trust, kindness, integrity, humblenss, dedication, and it just motivates you!!! Love has it's way of bringing it all together. The kind of love I'm speaking on today is hard to find in a person. When I find thIs kind of love I want to hold on to it!!! I was invited to this meeting where the topic of discussion was LOVE...and I was inofrmed and taughted so many things that nigt, that was truely a blessing. So many things was put into perspective at that very moment.I thought to myself with this word being used so many times not knowing the different meanings behind it. I love one way NOW and one way only. I hope you find out one day the true meanings of Love and choose to love one way only. Nothings more pleasing. Life is that simple...choose LOVE and my friend you have choosen LIFE.

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