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Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday is just that...and today is just what it is; I control every situation in my life!
When I woke up I thought ok this isn't right...the reason for reasoning? The compromising for the uncompromisible? I’m very creative and have a gift to see things that in color when you might see them in black & whit. the choices in life are just that colorful or black & white. Depending on your focus, drive, motivation and determination you life painting will be either...the choice is totally up to whom? Positivity gets negativity? Creativity gets? A penny for your thought gets? LOL to be able to understand so what do you do? What’s understanding? What’s a choice without a discussion? What’s water without a cup? A lot of randomness is relaxing to the creative master lol the chance to express how I feel to someone who influences my life surprisingly they not know. Who’s to blame? The lost connection of an influential individual in my life to think how influence? The question answers itself? Whats the answer to that question? Get it? I think a thought, and I speak it and next I’m living in that one thought. Powerful you’re thinking right? Oh so true know that it works for good thoughts and bad thoughts. I have been able to see the grace of God performed in my life, the mercy showered upon me the love wrapped tightly and patience surrounding me while wisdom is working and peace is everywhere I am. I think to be open minded could you be blinded? Answer that and you’re considered? I love what’s happening right now at this very moment I’m challenged to be who I want to be who I was created to be! As I embrace this moment I think about time, change, and people. I'm thinking time is important, change is important and people are important. I choose to choose a choice and a discussion on today. I guess you want to know WHAT RIGHT? lol I know who I am God wrote me in his plan, my name is victory! Ok let’s just wrap it up when I wake up I think about God, I think ok I’m going to make him smile today. I think what did I do yesterday that I can do today more diligent? I think ok there will be opportunity always to them…pay attention to what’s going on, use your gifts today. I get dress is wisdom while grace follows me out the door…. I see virtue in the passenger seat and peace and patience in the back. Long story short more to come.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drake new album!!!

what do you think????? Thank him now or later????


If I had to describe in one word what life meant to me it would be love....with love COMES ALONG character, loyal, trust, kindness, integrity, humblenss, dedication, and it just motivates you!!! Love has it's way of bringing it all together. The kind of love I'm speaking on today is hard to find in a person. When I find thIs kind of love I want to hold on to it!!! I was invited to this meeting where the topic of discussion was LOVE...and I was inofrmed and taughted so many things that nigt, that was truely a blessing. So many things was put into perspective at that very moment.I thought to myself with this word being used so many times not knowing the different meanings behind it. I love one way NOW and one way only. I hope you find out one day the true meanings of Love and choose to love one way only. Nothings more pleasing. Life is that simple...choose LOVE and my friend you have choosen LIFE.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mind and Heart

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and the heart can't miss a beat. If I want to do everything my mind wanted to then where would I be? The heart has it's own plans and I just happen to be the body it's in......My heart beats at a pace and my mind is like a race. Which way should I go. I love following my heart it leds me to places the mind couldn't imagine to take me. I love my mind, it allows me to explore and be creative. If I could get them both on one accord....At the end of the day....it's just the end of the day....THE END

Puerto Rico!!!!

can we say she pulled it together!!! 2snapslady!

A father and his child.......

There is nothing more important than a father and his son relatonship.NOTHING!!! Time is important and a child remembers just how much of it was spent with them. Value your relationship..... THE END